7Shakti Psychic Medium and Clairvoyant

7Shakti Psychic

Hello everyone I’m 7Shakti Psychic Medium and Guide. I am clairvoyant and I have concentrated my esoteric studies in Angelology and I Ching.

Born in Africa and I was a teenager when my grandmother – healer and Master I Ching – understood that I had inherited her gift. She introduced and educated me to be a medium and a spiritual therapist.

Since several generations ago, a member of my family developed the mediumship and worked in this area in Africa, Portugal and England.

Personal achievement encompasses the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. We tend to forget the spiritual health, which prevents us from achieving objectives.

7Shakti Can Help Enlighten You on the After Life

Fortunately, humans are not at the mercy of negativity. Through her consultations and therapies, the medium Catherine, enables the analysis of the way of life, detoxification and spiritual response to the key issues to resolve personal problems – depletion and spiritual obsession, love life, family harmony, health, employment, business and more. I do consultations in Portuguese language but I can do written reports in English.

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