Banishing Curses for Good

Banishing Curses

If bad luck has come upon you, don’t worry because after reading this you can begin banishing curses for good!

First, we must all remember that a curse is negative energy, plain and simple. And the only way to banish negative energy is with positive energy!

Because every thought and feeling we have is projected out into the universe (and comes back to us threefold) we know that negative and positive energy alike are always a part of our lives.

We can learn to do spells, enchantments, wards, and pretty much anything else that we what, but, if the positive energy is not the driving force behind our actions than all of it is just that.

Meaningless activities that will fall flat; leaving us to wonder what went wrong. No deed can be a good deed until the positive energy is place into it.

Now, that said, the negative energy that flows from a curse can be cancelled out with a like or stronger amount of positive energy. One of the best ways, and still by the way, keeping with the Wiccan Reed, “An’ Ye Harm None…” is to do a blessing for the one who curses you. Sound strange? Think about it.

Performing a spell is all about the energy you put into it, the actions you do during it is only to help you aim the energy.

If bad energy is being aimed at you, you must first (truthfully) look at why it was aimed at you to begin with, because if that much bad energy is being aimed your way, then chances are good that you know who is aiming it. Is it an issue that can be fixed with communication?

Sometimes the simple way is the best way.

Need for Banishing Curses

People curse people every day and don’t even know it. Because a curse is a negative thought, as we just discussed, a dirty look, or mean thought aimed at someone is a simple curse. How many people have you cursed today? Make sure that it is not you who is the one cursing yourself.

If you still feel that you need protection from a curse, the one absolute, unbinding way to achieve it is to surround yourself with positive energy! If good energy in your thoughts and actions are flowing from you, no bad energy will have room to flow in.

This may sound like a simple fix when you are expecting to have to go through casting circles, calling quarters, burning candles, all at the right moon phase, but it can be as simple are as elaborate as you want to make it.

In case you find yourself having trouble ridding yourself of a harmful curse you can always use the help of an expert. See who’s online and if you’ve had an experience you’d like to share please do so in the comments below.

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