Beauty Spell for Free That Works

Beauty Spell for Free

Beauty is an the eye of the beholder but a little help from a beauty spell for free that actually works certainly doesn’t hurt.

The problem isn’t so much all of us ladies as it is often the men who can’t see past superficial things such as age, a blemish or birth mark or even that there is more to a woman than just breasts and curves.

However this simple beauty spell will do the trick.

Beauty Spell Supplies

All you’ll need for this spell is the following:

  • Mirror
  • Lipstick, Lip Gloss or Chapstick

Besides your supplies you’ll need to do this once a day for as long as you’d like till you bring it to a satisfactory level such as when you start seeing how men respond to you on a regular basis for example.

How to Do the Beauty Spell

Remember this spell is to make it so men are able to see and appreciate the true beauty that you hold within yourself not just your exterior beauty, however you will see quite the increase in that area as well due to the fact they will be falling for all of you rather than looks alone.

Now what you’ll need to do is simple; you’ll need to look into a mirror, apply your lipstick (or other options) one time and repeat a chant three times.

The best way to do this is standing in front of a mirror whether it’s in the bathroom, bedroom or wherever. Go ahead, apply your lipstick and as you do visualize yourself exuding beauty to the outside world.

Then repeat the following chant three times:

For every man that can see, will view the true beauty radiate out of me. They will gaze my way and yearn for me as my beauty is all that they see.

There you have it a true beauty spell for free that actually works! As I mentioned earlier, simply continue to do this for as long as you like.

The longer you do it the more potent it becomes so if after a week or so you’d like to increase it more just keep on repeating the process and infuse it with magical energy! If you’d like a spell cast for you, connect with a psychic now to get started.

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