What is a Clairsentient?

What is a Clairsentient?

A clairsentient is a form of psychic gift that relies heavily on the sensing or feeling something often times with the people having vivid visualizations about a person, place, event and the like.

In essence they can feel and bring about psychic information through various sensations. For example a clairsentient may be able to sense a spirit is near and then can use that to harness the connection and then communicate with the entity.

Clairsentient Can Truly Feel What’s Beyond

Another thing to keep in mind is that a clairsentient psychic’s gift also allows them to gain information through physical sensations such as holding an object or feeling something themselves personally even though nothing may be visibly causing it.

An example of a physical sensation for a clairsentient would be feeling pain or heat without them doing anything to cause it. Overall they have an extremely heightened sense of awareness that allows them to tune into the spirit would and communicate with those on the other side.

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