Cleansing Your Home with Sage

Sage Cleansing

All of us at one point or another in our lives will without a doubt move to a new home or apartment or even move our business to a new office.

Unfortunately sometimes that perfect new place we call home may not come with the best energy left in it from prior occupants and none of us want to have a fresh start beginning in a place with negative energy hanging around.

But lucky for all of us a simple Sage Cleansing ritual will take care of this problem and rid the space of all negativeness, purifying the space just like the Native Americans have for generations.

Sage Cleansing has throughout history been a trusted method to purify and cleanse a space and this step by step guide will help you perform your first cleansing with ease.

Guide to Cleansing Your Home with Sage

  1. The first thing you’ll have to do is buy a Sage Stick or a Smudge. The sticks are relatively cheap but always readily available locally but you can find them for purchase online.
  2. You’ll also want a small dish to catch the ashes in. Traditionally an abalone shell was used but if you don’t mind that any glass dish or ashtray will do.
  3. Now it’s time to begin. Open up all the windows in your space. Next you can light up your sage smudge until its glowing red on the tip and is letting off a good amount of smoke.
  4. With your sage burning now begin thinking about your intent of this cleansing and what you wish to remove from your space. Announce it a few times within your space to let it be known; something as simple as, “I wish to cleanse this space of all negativity’ will do just fine.
  5. Simply continue to say your chant as you move along the edges of each room moving your sage stick around so the smoke is all around the room. You want to make sure that you’re covering all areas you wish to cleanse so if you want the whole room done you’ll want to move around all four walls. If you wish to do more than one room continue to do this in each and every room in your space. While spreading the smoke you’ll notice the windows sucking it out of them, when it does visualize all negativity clearing from your home or office.
  6. Now you’ve officially completed the sage cleansing of the rooms but now it is time to also cleanse yourself considering you were there prior to the cleansing. All you need to do is waft the smoke towards you as you trace your body with the burning sage stick so the smoke surrounds you then simply walk out of the cloud and let the negativity drift away.
  7. All that is left now is to extinguish your sage stick and while doing so say a prayer or say a thank you for the help you just received in cleansing the space.

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