Creating Magic with Crystals in Your Life

Magic with Crystals

One of the most frequent questions we receive is how to start creating magic with crystals in your life. Well you’re going to be happy to know that it isn’t difficult to do whatsoever.

In fact using crystals to bring about magical results is quite easy. There are a variety ways to incorporate them into your life for a variety of results ranging from love to healing to success. It’s all in the color, type of crystal and your desires or intent.

Creating Magic with Crystals

Of course there an in depth and complex ways to utilize a crystal’s power for magical results but when it comes to the results most of us want there is no need for such complexities.

For example a person looking to attract love can simply get themselves a rose quartz stone or any pink or red colored crystal and either wear it like a piece of jewelry or simply carry it with them in their pocket.

The same applies for someone who is experiencing hardships in life, only they could instead use clear crystal that represents peace and growth.

Someone looking for success or a positive career change should use a green or deep purple colored crystal stone to invoke positive results in the career areas of their life.

Charging Magic with Crystals

Now this is the most important aspect of using crystals to invoke changes in your life; charging the stone. Before you will be able to reap the rewards of crystal magic you’ll want to charge your stones with your desired outcome.

Don’t worry charging your crystal is easy as well. It’ll just take a bit of your time and you’ll be able to begin using them.

To do so simply find a comfortable place to sit or lay down and relax with your crystal with you. While you relax, hold your stone in your hands and begin to take some deep breaths as you relax your body and mind.

Once you reach a point of complete relaxation and your thoughts have drifted away, begin to visualize and think about your desired outcome.

Think about what it is you wish to achieve and imagine those thoughts flowing into your stone literally. As you meditate on those thoughts picture a glowing light that matches the color of your stone which represents your desire and picture that light flowing down from your forehead, down through your arms and into the crystal within your hands.

Once you have done so several times, you can stop your meditative process and say, ‘So it will be.’

Now each day take your crystal with you and watch the magic flow into your life. If at anytime you believe the power is waning, simply re-charge your stone until you completely reach your desire outcome. See it isn’t difficult to begin creating magic with crystals in your life!

If you’d like to learn more about crystal magick, feel free to consult with one of our seasoned experts.

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