Easy Meditation Techniques

Easy Meditation Techniques

Meditation doesn’t need to be difficult after all you are trying to enjoy some relaxation not add more stress to your life. So go ahead and take a deep breathe because going into this with a relaxed state of mind is key.

Many people believe their is a certain feeling they should be looking for or a particular outcome from their first meditation session but now is the time to rid yourself of those thoughts and just realize the less you concern yourself with anything at all the better it’ll work.

So forget the fancy sitting positions or chants and just focus on being calm and comfortable. Unfortunately television and many so called “experts” have made this seem far to complicated than it really is. For starters just find a calm, quiet and comfortable place to being your session. You can sit up right with your legs crossed or lay down on the floor or even your bed; whichever is the most comfy.

Congrats if you made it that far because you already overcame the biggest obstacle. Getting comfortable seems easy until you actually try. With some many distractions it can actually be hard to find a quiet soothing environment to spend some alone time nowadays.

Meditation Doesn’t Need to Be Difficult

Now that you are in the place of your choice just close your eyes and begin by taking a few deep breaths just to relax a bit more and try your best to clear your mind of all thoughts and concerns (as hard as it may seem). Continue on breathing but now just relax and instead of taking deep breaths just find a pace that’s good for you. While you’re doing this now start thinking about something that seems relaxing for you, whether it’s the ocean or being out in nature, simply begin to visualize it in your mind in depth.

Think about how it would feel there and try to feel it, the breeze and the sun shining down on you. These details will help bring you to an even deeper state of relaxation. Once you are completely relaxed now it’s safe to begin thinking about positive changes you’d like to make in your life or dreams that you want to accomplish.

After twenty or so minutes of this you’ll find you are much more relaxed, focused and an overall greater sense of well being. Also remember the more you do this the more effective it will become.

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