Husband is Talking About Divorce!

My husband is talking divorce!

Lately my relationship has been in a bit of rough patch which has resulted in my worst nightmare; my husband is talking about divorce! I don’t want this! I can’t fathom not living with him in my life.

He’s truly my soul mate and I know there is no one else for me out there. What can I do to try to fix this? Should I try? I don’t know what to do.

Can you tell me the outcome?

Husband is Talking Divorce. What Do I Do?

First of all I’m so sorry to hear that you’re dealing with a situation like this and thank you for sending in your question in regards to such a stressful situation. First of all I want you to realize you’re not the only person to have ever been through this so you’re not alone.

Unfortunately far too many people find themselves in a situation like this do to arguing, financial trouble, cheating and simply not taking their vows seriously. In your situation you didn’t give us too much detail but it seems safe to say your problems are primarily due to arguments and disagreements – due to that you’re in much better shape from the start!

The first thing I’d do is have a long talk with your husband and DO NOT ARGUE. You heard me! No arguing, no bickering, no nitpicking or anything else that can be seen as negative. Trust me the last thing you want when your husband is talking about divorce is to upset him further which will only reinforce his negative feelings. We don’t want that!

Instead talk it over with him, see if the said he wanted a divorce just because he was angry which happens a lot. We all say things we don’t truly mean. If that isn’t the case make it clear to him that you don’t want a divorce and that you take your vows very seriously. Don’t be pushy but assert your love and desire for him.

Learn, Improve, Reflect and Repeat

Hopefully things will smooth themselves out after an open discussion with him and you can soon find that this was a great learning experience not in the sense it was enjoyable but it gives you something to learn from, improve yourself and the future health of your relationship.

Remember that ultimately a man wants to feel desired, cared for and needed just like us girls do. So reflect back on that rough patch in the future and keep those things in mind. You want to always show him that you’re the best woman for him and that there is no other for him while at the same time you ensure he always feels that YOU feel the same way about him.

I truly hope this helps you and if you ever need more advice feel free to email or contact one of the love & relationship psychics that are always more than happy to help you with your questions and always do so in a trusting, caring and compassionate manner.

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