Is Virgo Compatible with Cancer?

Is Virgo compatible with Cancer

Can a Virgo and a Cancer fall in love? Better yet is Virgo compatible with Cancer, that’s the real question here.

The key to any relationship is the compromise that the two of you make and the roles we play in each others lives. In the case of a Virgo and Cancer they have a few key areas that need the most attention.

For one the Cancer is a full of love and a very caring nature but that also comes with sensitivity and the tendency to get hurt easily. The Virgo on the other hand is a perfectionist in many aspects of their life and can become hypercritical of the work or seemingly more relaxed nature of the Cancer which as you probably guessed, can lead to frustration between the two.

It goes something like this. A Cancer may do a less than stellar job on a simple task around the house and a Virgo jumps to point it out and correct it therefore the Cancer now gets their feelings hurt and no one is happy. That’s just one out of a million examples of how it can come into play.

However the loving and caring nature of a Cancer can easily subdue a Virgo and get them to relax and loosen up on their hypercritical nature.

Virgo Compatible with Cancer? Yes!

They key to a harmonious relationship between the two is patience and understanding on the part of the Virgo and the Cancer simply being themselves when it comes to their desire to please, love and nurture their partner. So long as the two can move towards carving out those areas in life they will be a wonderful match!

Let us know in the comments what your experiences have been in regards to relationships with a Cancer. If you’d like to find out more about what’s in store with your love life; get a reading online or get updated on your horoscope today!

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