Magical Properties of Jasmine Oil

Magical Properties of Jasmine Oil

The magical properties of Jasmine essential oil make it a very versatile and highly used element in various magical ways ranging from sachets to candle magick.

When it comes to utilizing the magical properties of Jasmine, you’ll want to focus on those desires for love, psychic dreaming and financial rewards such as money.

Known throughout the ages as an extremely potent magical element you’ll find it not only enhances spells but increases their potency by incorporating even small amounts of the essential oil.

Magical Properties of Jasmine Oil

For example simply wearing Jasmine oil can attract love and romance from your current or potential romantic interests.

Burning a Jasmine anointed candle and meditating in it’s presence is a wonderful way to bring about monetary rewards, raises or even a much needed promotion at work. While meditating simply focus your thoughts on the benefits you wish to receive.

For psychic dream work you create a simple sachet or even place a drop or two on your pillow and you’ll be shocked at effect it has on your dreams. Many have experienced prophetic dreams even on their first night of trying this.

Jasmine has long been thought to bring the angelic forces closer and is associated with the Goddess Vishnu, which is why it has been historical associated with those properties.

Enhance the magic in your life by utilizing the magical properties of Jasmine oil and experience the magic for yourself.

If you have any questions about utilizing this potent oil feel free to leave us comment below or gain first hand experience from one of our experienced healers and spell crafters online.

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