Why are People Afraid of Wiccans?

Why are people afraid of Wiccans

The spooky witches are flying about casting spells and terrifying everyone!

Well not really so why are people afraid of Wiccans?

It seems odd in this day and age we still have people who are scared to death of Wiccan practitioners though most of them only have this fear do to preconceived notions and fairy-tale beliefs.For those of you who are Wiccan and not in the broom closet about it, have probably had your fair share of naysayers and critics.

But you must realize that those who are so critical of you are that way due to the fallout of fear mongering of past generations.

The bulk of those who are afraid of being turned into frogs are those that believe stuff like that actually happens or ever even did happen!

In reality Wiccans or Witches have never been able to turn anyone into a frog, bird or butterfly for that matter. Another misconception is somehow Wiccans are secretly worshipers of the black arts and love casting evil spells to harm people. Once again nothing is further from the truth.

Wiccans are people who are sensitive, caring, loving and respectful of all things in regard to people, animals and our earth. To top it off Wiccans also do not practice black magick whatsoever because they abide by the law of do unto others as you’d want done unto you.

Why are People Afraid of Wiccans?

To put it simply, people are afraid of Wiccans due to misinformation, lack of truth information about their religion and the leftovers of past beliefs that have been handed down. So for those of you out there who know someone who is Wiccan, please know that they are not dangerous or crazy people but in fact caring, respectful people that are more than deserving of friendship.

Also to all the Wiccan brothers and sisters out there, don’t get upset by the misguided beliefs of others instead keep your cool and show them the truth behind your beliefs. The truth will always set you free.

What are your thoughts on the subject? Would you like to know more about Wiccan practices from a life long practitioner? Chat with one of the “Witches” online.

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