Do You See Success at My New Job?

Success at my new job?

The career path I’ve been on was the worst choice ever and I’m wondering if you see success at my new job? I spent 8 years working in the nursing field and after constant bickering among co-workers, backstabbing and management playing favorites, I decide the healthcare field isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

I thought I would be caring for people in need but instead these nurses were all desensitized and could care less about patients, they were concerned with gossip and drama. So I took the chance and went a completely different direction and am finally putting my accounting degree I had got prior to going to get my LPN.

So I guess what I want to know is really if you think I’ll find this new job more rewarding and will it give me the room for growth that I desire?

It would be greatly appreciated if one of the psychics would consider answering this question because money is really tight right now after switching jobs.

Success at My New Job

Thank for contacting us and we’d be happy to address your concerns pertaining to your new job. In fact we’re delighted to do so and with this new section of our site being devoted to answering random psychic questions for free — please tell your friends and maybe they will get picked too!

Now from what I can tell I truly believe you made the proper decision. You went into nursing because like you had mentioned, you wanted to take care of people in essence you wanted to provide love to them and nurture them — it’s your nature and who you are!

But you must realize there are infinite ways you can do that without having to be a nurse. You found that out the hard way but every experience is there to be learned from and that you did so don’t ever regret it. Initially when you went to school you made the right choice with accounting, your analytical skills will come in handy as will your aptitude for numbers; you’ve always had that am I right?

Quickly though before I finish your reading, I want to address your need to care for someone. I also saw that with your accounting job you will have a much nicer schedule than when you were a nurse and I see something in your future that will certainly fill your void; a family.

It may be shocking as you only asked about your job but I can’t hold back and not say something! Expect close to a year and half or so into your new job you’ll end up meeting a man with the name of Michael or Mitchell or something similar that you will end up starting a family with eventually.

As if you weren’t dealing with enough, right?

I wish you all the best and thank you again for your question. For any and all questions, feel free to connect with one of our expert psychic guides.

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