Tarot Cards Names and Meanings

Tarot Cards Names and Meanings

Learn about the tarot cards names and meanings with pictures to guide you along the way.

The use of tarot cards for seeing into the future started quite a few centuries ago and its popularity has only increased during recent years.

It is not really similar to astrology or horoscopes, as all its predictions depend upon the card that has been pulled out. Although there are numerous ways or methods in which the tarot cards can be read, the meaning of tarot cards and what they predict for a person remains the same for all methods used.

Tarot Card Meanings List

A deck of tarot cards contains 78 cards with different symbolic pictures on them. 22 of these belong to the ‘Major Arcana’ and 56 of the cards belong to the ‘Minor Arcana’. They may symbolize an event, an emotion or a situation in a person’s life.

These pictures are interpreted according to their meaning to predict something related to the individual pulling the cards out and his or her query. So, here’s a list of all the tarot card meanings for your reference. Read more on what are the names of tarot cards.

The Major Arcana

The Major Arcana

  • The Fool: Pleasure, passion, adventures, new beginnings, possibilities and opportunities, rashness and lack of thoughtfulness.
  • The Magician: Creativity, skill, dexterity of hand, artistic, self-confidence, willingness.
  • The High Priestess: Knowledge, purity, intuitiveness, impatient, wisdom, learning and teaching.
  • The Empress: A new development, action, evolution, related to a female member of the family.
  • The Emperor: Confident, stability, capability, accomplishments, achievements, wealth, related to a male member of the family.
  • The Hierophant: Tradition, social approval, mercy, compassion, forgiveness, conforming.
  • The Lovers: Beginning of a new romance, happiness, harmony, trust, positivity.
  • The Chariot: Embarking on a journey, hurried decision, vengeance, turmoil, perseverance.
  • Strength: Courage, energy, freshness, determined, heroism, vitality, strength.
  • The Hermit: Prudence, inner strength, warning, wisdom, loner, patience, withdrawal.
  • The Wheel of Fortune: Luck, fortune, destiny, end of a problem, progress, unexpected news.
  • Justice: Balance, security, virtue, considerate, harmony.
  • The Hanged Man: Change, reversals, boredom, abandoning, rebirth, sacrifice.
  • Death: Unexpected loss, change, new beginning, illness, death, bad luck.
  • Temperance: Patience, fusion, influence, confidence.
  • The Devil: Negativity, disaster, sadness, violence, abuse, ill-tempered, crime.
  • The Tower: Sudden, unexpected change, past, downfall, bankruptcy, material loss, end of a relationship.
  • The Star: Optimism, spirituality, insight, positivity, balance, hope, inspiration, faith.
  • The Moon: Error, danger, disgrace, ill advantage, deception, cheating.
  • The Sun: Success, joy, happiness, love, fulfillment, happy marriage, satisfaction, content.
  • Judgment: Renewal, awakening, better health and life, healthy mind.
  • The World: Complete, perfect, honors, awards, recognition, triumph.

The Minor Arcana

The Minor Arcana


  • Ace of Wands: Birth in the family, new venture, profits.
  • Two of Wands: Kindness, generosity, scientific, creative.
  • Three of Wands: Success with good partnership, help or cooperation in business.
  • Four of Wands: Peace, prosperity, celebration, fruitfulness, holidays, end of romance.
  • Five of Wands: Quarrel, dispute, competition, obstacles, problems.
  • Six of Wands: Pleasant news, victory, friendships, leadership.
  • Seven of Wands: Stiff competition, victory, fights, energy.
  • Eight of Wands: Positive goals, ideas, journey by air, successful love relationship.
  • Nine of Wands: Be prepared, delayed victory, good health, difficult to handle.
  • Ten of Wands: Pain, failure of projects.
  • Page of Wands: Beauty, intelligence, brilliance, enthusiasm.
  • Knight of Wands: Generous friend, good love life, journey, haste.
  • Queen of Wands: Fond of nature or home, honorable, attractive.
  • King of Wands: Gentleman, passionate, honorable, kind.


  • Ace of Cups: Beginning of love, happiness, joy, good health.
  • Two of Cups: New romance, friendship, harmony.
  • Three of Cups: Fortunate in love, happy ending, discovery of talents, hospitable.
  • Four of Cups: Dissatisfied with success, kindness, re-evaluation.
  • Five of Cups: Loss of loved one or relative, sorrow, sadness, regret, broken marriage.
  • Six of Cups: Renewal of past relationships, happiness and pleasure from past relationships, memories, gifts.
  • Seven of Cups: Imaginative, illusive success, bad direction.
  • Eight of Cups: Abandoning, disappointing love life, misery.
  • Nine of Cups: Bright future, good health, fulfillment of wishes.
  • Ten of Cups: Happy and content family life, long lasting friendships and relationships.
  • Page of Cups: Sweetness, kindness, artistic, news.
  • Knight of Cups: Intelligence, emotional matters.
  • Queen of Cups: Lack of common sense, good wife and mother, gentleness, good nature.
  • King of Cups: Considerate, good businessman, admirer of arts and sciences.


  • Ace of Swords: Victory, extreme love and hate, valiant leadership.
  • Two of Swords: Balanced emotions, indecisiveness, direction less.
  • Three of Swords: Unsure affection, separation.
  • Four of Swords: Retreat, rest after hard work, exile, back to activity.
  • Five of Swords: Defeat, coward, failure, loss, cruelty.
  • Six of Swords: Journey away from sorrow, harmony, peace.
  • Seven of Swords: Foolish attempts, betrayal, cheating, intolerance, spying.
  • Eight of Swords: Illness,, weakness, immobility, censure.
  • Nine of Swords: Suffering, injury, accidents, death of a relative, suspicion, loss, dishonesty, doubt.
  • Ten of Swords: Failed plans, misfortune, defeat, failure, pain.
  • Page of Swords: Dexterity, diplomacy, bad news, grace.
  • Knight of Swords: Bravery, valor, skillful, clever, strong.
  • Queen of Swords: Quick decision, widow.
  • King of Swords: Commander, counselor, good friend.


  • Ace of Pentacles: New ventures, opportunities, prosperity, pleasure.
  • Two of Pentacles: Harmony, handle situations well, helpful message, difficult new ventures.
  • Three of Pentacles: Rewards, recognition, approval, success.
  • Four of Pentacles: Power, money and recognition wishes.
  • Five of Pentacles: Loss of possessions, loneliness, poor health, despair.
  • Six of Pentacles: Sharing, gifts, charity, philanthropy.
  • Seven of Pentacles: Hard work, efforts, growth, paused development.
  • Eight of Pentacles: Trade learning, employment in future, skill, money.
  • Nine of Pentacles: Loneliness, solitude, good health.
  • Ten of Pentacles: Family stability, wealth or property attainment.
  • Page of Pentacles: Generous, scholarly, careful, kind, learned.
  • Knight of Pentacles: Patience, trust, responsible, nature and animal lover.
  • Queen of Pentacles: Intelligence, thoughtful, creative.
  • King of Pentacles: Banker, reliable, steady.

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