What is an Aura? Learn About Auras and Their Meanings

What is an Aura?

Many of us have heard about colors being associated with a person but what is an Aura?

Have you ever been able to sense someone before he or she walked into a room? Or have you ever gotten the briefest impression of a color or halo of light surrounding someone who is doing what he or she loves? Can you feel a room lighting up – or going dim – when certain people are around?

These are just some of the ways that humans can sense the body of light that exists around all living things – a body of light known as the aura.

Made up of pure white light, the aura can change colors based on a person’s overall physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. This makes reading the aura a valuable source of information in healing work; the color and condition of a person’s aura can reveal much about what might be happening for him or her on a subtle level.

Working with energetic healing methods such as Reiki, changing one’s diet, practicing meditation or prayer, or otherwise cultivating a healthy mind, body, and spirit can have a direct impact on the color and condition of the aura. Our auras can also change when we are around people or environments that we have a strong connection – negative or positive – with.

When we engage in activities we enjoy or work we finding rewarding, or aura can expand; if we are feeling threatened or nervous, the aura may contract close to the body.

Because it is made of light, the aura is seldom only one color – the nature of white light is that it contains all other colors. However, one or more colors will often be more dominant than others. The dominant color in a person’s aura gives an overall picture of his or her health.

A red aura indicates that the person is filled with a primal, sexual, or creative energy. A red aura is a sign that there is a great deal of Root Chakra energy at work in the person’s life.

This energy is intimately connected to sexuality, strong emotion, and creativity. A red aura can also be a sign of uncontrolled anger (even if it is not outwardly expressed), or of ongoing attachments to past traumas.

People with red auras are often highly passionate, but this passion can be uncontrolled – it can be used to manifest great love and joy, or to manifest suffering and sorrow. A person with a predominantly red aura may have trauma issues from this life or past lives to work through before he or she can fully harness his or her potential.

An orange aura is a sign of a passionate individual who is also ambitious and goal-oriented. An orange aura is associated with an abundance of Second Chakra energy, the energy of creation and manifestation.

A person with an orange aura is likely to be courageous, forthright, and success-oriented. Someone who is strong his or her purpose or who is pursuing work that is a calling may have an orange aura. People with orange auras are often high energy, with great personal power and magnetism.

A yellow aura is a sign of someone who is able to motivate others to be their best selves. A yellow aura is associated with Solar Plexus chakra energy, the energy of hope and manifestation.

People with yellow auras are often strong public speakers and leaders, those who inspire others to reach for their goals. They may also be able to manifest ideas through the power of the spoken and written work. A yellow aura is a sign of someone who is optimistic, hopeful, and compassionate.

A green aura is a sign of someone who is a healer or nurturer. Associated with Heart Chakra energy, a green aura contains the energy of pure love, compassion, healing, and growth.

People with green auras may be involved in healing professions, or they may simply be those who are good listeners, have compassionate hearts, and who are there for those they love. A green aura is often associated with someone who appreciates the simple gifts in life and who has great balance in his or her own life and health.

A blue aura is a sign of someone who is a talented teacher, especially around spiritual matters. Associated with Throat Chakra energy, blue is the power of communication and clarity.

Those with blue auras are likely to be able to explain complex concepts clearly, to be patient and willing to work with others who are learning something new, and to teach by example. These will be people who often seem very at peace, “Zen,” or otherwise connected to Spirit.

An indigo aura is the sign of someone who is in deep spiritual transformation. Associated with the Third Eye chakra and its energy, indigo signifies deep connection to Spirit on an energetic as well as practical level.

Someone with an indigo aura is transitioning into a sense of Oneness with the Universe, Spirit, God, or however you want to define the Great Cosmic Wow. Those with indigo auras may be profound spiritual leaders, or they may be those who disengage from the material world in order to further cultivate their spiritual connections.

A purple or violet aura is a sign of someone who is fully spiritually evolved. Violet light (which sometimes appears as violet-white) is associated with the Crown chakra, which carries the energy of complete connection.

The appearance of violet in a person’s aura indicates that he or she is in the final stages of some type of spiritual evolution or transformation – whether into a whole new lifestyle, or simply away from one phase of life into another.

Further Information About Auras

Dark spots in the aura can indicate illness, energetic or physical. If a person has black, brown, or grey spots in his or her aura, this typically is a sign that some energetic healing needs to be done.

This may need to be accompanied by physical healing depending on symptoms. Old energetic attachments, malevolent magic or energy work, or negative thoughts can all contribute to dark spots in the aura.

If you have any questions about Auras please feel free to ask away.

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