What is Psychic Scrying?


Scrying is the magical process of seeing visions of future events via the use of a tool this is typically used for seeing events, making predictions or seeing into the past although many claim it helps them with communicating with the other side as well.

The most commonly used tools used in Scrying are reflective or translucent objects such as crystal balls, mirrors, glass, smoke and of course water.

Scrying has been used as a way of seeing into the issues of yesteryear as well as present and future events; this method has been used for throughout history and it is believed that the messages come directly from the creator to the tool in which the person is using.

Scrying and Crystal Balls

You’ll almost always find psychics using crystal balls as their Scrying tool of choice which is why you always see crystal balls associated with psychics.

In fact many of the psychics at Psychics On Cam use these very crystal balls with their divination rituals. So if you’d like see one being used live or wish to learn more in depth about them you can visit one of them anytime – they’d be more than happy to help.

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