Psychic Readings by Starlene Breiter

Psychic Readings by Starlene Breiter

We’d like to introduce everyone to professional tarot reader, psychic and intuitive, Starlene Breiter. She has been giving readings for well over 20 years now and helping to guide others towards the right path for them.

When it comes to a life path she can help you in a variety of ways ranging from relocation astrology for those of you thinking about moving to tarot card readings and even life and love consultations.

Having as much experience as she does you can rest assured that she can handle any type of reading or questions you’re interested in. Best of all she is available for online readings so you don’t even need to hop in the car to track down this talented reader.

Want to find out more about the types of readings she offers, her services and a bit more about her experience? Check out the list below!

Psychic Starlene Breiter’s Services

  • Relocation Astrology
  • Love & Family Readings
  • Tarot Readings
  • Spirit Guide Readings
  • Past Lives
  • Grief Counseling & Much More


  • Professional Intuitive
  • Astrological Consultant for Over 10 years
  • Professional Tarot Reader for Over 20 years
  • Mentor & Teacher of Astrology, Tarot and Healing (Reiki)

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