What is a Spirit Guide?

A spirit guide is a person or entity that has passed on and/or is currently on the other side but is there protect or guide people who are still currently alive.

Spirit guides are spirits that have gone beyond a typical level of understand in the universe and are now able to effectively help those who are currently progressing through life; whether you are in direct contact with them or not.

Many psychics, clairvoyants and spiritualists actually make contact with their spirit guide which in turn will provide them with the answers they seek or that their clients need.

It’s often through their spirit guide that they are able to make direct contact with loved ones on the other side as well whereas the spirit guide will act as the “middle man” between the psychic and the spirit world.

Everyone Has a Spirit Guide

Everyone has their own spirit guide which is assigned to them prior to entering life on earth and they will be them through their entire life trying to nudge and persuade you to make the right decisions in life.

However the most effective way to make sure your on the right path is to make a direct connection with your spirit guide which you can accomplish via meditation, astral projection or if those methods won’t work for you the help of an expert psychic will.

A psychic can actually identify and make contact with your spirit guide, tell you about them – their looks, background etc.. and of course get you in direct contact with them so you can ask the questions or make the connections that you desire in your life.

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