What are Tarot Cards?

What are tarot cards?

Most of us have heard of Tarot Cards but few know what they actually are and/or what their origin is.

So What are Tarot Cards Anyway?

Tarot Cards were originally known as trionfi is a deck of typically 78 playing cards which were originally used around the 15th century in Europe to play a group of card games that were fairly common place in that day and age.

It wasn’t until around the 18th century that the tarot was found useful to mystics and psychics as it wasn’t that wide spread in the world.

The use of tarot cards among psychics, card readers and mystics is now wide spread and considered a reliable way of tapping into spiritual information.

This is especially true when the reader has the person being read ask a question and then lays out the tarot spread which involves laying out the cards and then interpreting their meanings and how it applies to the person’s question and life.

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