White Magick: What is it and what does it do?

What is White Magick?

What does it mean when someone says he or she practices “white magick”?

Simply put, white magic is any magical work or spell work done for a positive purpose or for the benefit of yourself or another.

White magick can take many forms, and many people practice this type of benevolent magical working in their spiritual lives through the power of prayer, energy work, or more traditional forms of spell working.

To understand what white magic really is, though, it’s a good idea to back up for a moment and talk about what we mean by “magick.” The word brings to mind a whole host of images – witches on broomsticks, voodoo dolls, bubbling cauldrons, even Harry Potter’s wand.

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Magic as it is practiced by most people (at least those not in books or movies) is seldom that spectacular, however. At its most basic, magick is the manipulation or movement of energy towards a goal. Any time we set an intention and use energetic or spiritual means to accomplish that goal, we are practicing magick.

How we move the energy towards our goal will depend on a number of things, ranging from the religious or spiritual path we follow, to what we believe about the power of stones, herbs, or candles, and even to whether (and how) we believe in a god or gods.

Whether you choose to use candles, herbs, or just silent visualizations in your magickal workings, the intent is what truly differentiates “white” or positive magick from “black” or negative magick. (Some magick workers don’t think there’s a clear-cut difference between the two, since it can be difficult to foresee every possible outcome of our actions. But for the sake of simplicity, we’ll accept the division between “white” and “black” magick for the moment.)

White magick is magick or energy work that is done with a positive outcome in mind – an outcome where no one is hurt or harmed (or intentionally hurt or harmed).

This can include healing spell work, work intended to bring about prosperity or secure employment, or spells for peace, focus, or success.

While love spells aimed at another person are considered manipulative, general spells that focus on welcoming love into your life can also be considered white magick.

The key here is intent. You are focusing on a positive, healthy outcome – you are not attempting to harm anyone to achieve your goal. (For instance, a spell to get a new job would be white magick. A spell to get your boss fired would be…grey at best!)

Because the world can sometimes work in chaotic ways, it is recommended that you explicitly state that you do not intend anyone or anything to be harmed as a result of your magical work.

Some practitioners state something like, “Let this be for the highest good of all” when doing work so that they build the greater good into their work. It is also important to ask permission before doing any magical work on behalf of another.

White magick can be a useful practice in transforming your life. It can help you focus on your goals. For instance, let’s go back to that job spell. If you burn a green candle for job success each day, and this helps you stay focused on your job search, then you’re bringing extra positive energy to that part of your life.

Knowing that someone is praying or doing healing work can be an immense source of support when you are sick. Taking a few moments to visualize yourself having a successful day can set a tone that will help you meet any challenges with a smile.

If you’d like to learn more about white magick please consult with one of our experts online that can help answer or address any questions you may have.

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