Finding Truly True Love

Finding True Love

True love is something all of us seek out for in life. Someone to spend time with, share our lives with and of course someone to have fun with.

However in our own personal journeys to find true love we often get caught up in the movement itself.

Many of us are guilty of latching on to the first man or woman that we believe will make us happy instead of truly figuring it out before we go for the gusto.

Love and relationships are much more than a personal attraction and finding someone interesting or funny; it’s about the right love for us.

A great example would be getting serious with someone you find desirable in the looks department without finding out about their personal habits.

Personal habits being the aspects a ton of us overlook or just assume that we can learn to put up with. But remember this is about finding truly true love not mediocre, have to put up with it kind of love.

True Love Takes Time and Studying

Studying? Yes! At first glance it may sound weird but think of it like this, anything you truly want to know more about you must study. Of course I don’t mean to pull out a notebook and starting firing questions at your potential partner but a notebook isn’t a bad thing to keep.

Besides just the looks (all of us can figure that part out easily) learn more about the person including but not limited to: the foods they like, the hours they keep, their personal dreams and aspirations and yes as bad as it may sound their personal hygiene.

There is nothing worse than falling for someone only to later find out they brush their teeth once a week, insist on being in bed by 7 o’clock at night and want to climb Mount Everest (unless of course those things apply to you too!).

Far too many people try to talk themselves into the whole opposites attract saying instead of realizing long term, truly loving and lasting relationships tend to happen between people who have similar tastes, enjoy similar foods and even possess similar goals.

You don’t want a total carbon copy of yourself but you certainly want as many things in common as possible.

Another great tip is when you’re at their place or even in their vehicle, look around and see how they live. I for one am a total neat freak and would simply go crazy having a husband who was a complete slob. Those opposites certainly don’t attract anything over here!

So don’t ever jump into a relationship or decide to settle when it comes to love because each of us has a soul mate out there looking and waiting for them which includes you too! And if you choose the wrong one, just imagine how sad your soul mate is going to be.

Finding truly true love is a process that takes time so don’t rush it not matter how tempting it may seem because you deserve the absolute best and shouldn’t ever settle for anything but true love.

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