Love Spell for Beginners

Love Spell for True Love

Love is something all of need in our lives and this love spell for beginners will do just that.

This isn’t about attracting lust or superficial love but rather gaining true everlasting love from an ideal partner.

This love spell for beginners will bring out their feelings and make it so the only option they will have is to pour their love out to you without holding anything back.

You’ll be happy to know this is a fairly simple spell to perform and is extremely effective as well.

Supplies Needed for the Love Spell

  1. A Red, Pink or White Candle
  2. Rose or Jasmine Oil
  3. Something to Carve Into the Candle (Pin, Needle etc…)
  4. Lighter or Matches

Performing the Love Spell for Beginners

Step 1.  You’ll want to take your candle and inscribe into the side of it. You can either choose the name of a specific person (if you have one in mind) or simple inscribe the words; love comes to me.

Step 2. Take your rose or jasmine oil and think about the love coming to you as you place a drop unto your finger and rub it into the candle. Rub the oil over the inscription you’ve carved into it as you continue visualizing the love coming to you. Do this three times.

Step 3. Now place the candle somewhere that you’ll be able to watch it burn. You’ll want to light and allow this candle to burn for as long as possible each day until the candle is no longer able to be lit. Each time you light it once again visualize and meditate on the thoughts of the love coming to you as you wish. If you’re casting this towards someone specific think about them and all the loving moments you’ll have together in the future.

Each day that the candle burns it will infuse the spell with more potency and when it’s no longer able to be burnt your spell has been fully cast.

You can continue to do this love spell for beginners until you’ve obtained the love you desire.

If you do not feel comfortable casting your own spell and would rather an expert witch or spell caster do it for you feel free to contact one of them online for help.

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