Birthstones and Their Meanings

Birthstone Color and Meanings Chart

Most of us are familiar with what color our birthstones are and even what type of stone our birthstone is but what about birthstones and their meanings?

This is why we decided to create this handy online guide to birthstones meanings. Bookmark this page and reference it anytime you need to find out the color of a birthstone, the meaning or type of stone for a particular date of birth.

Now you can have all the information regarding birthstones at your fingertips.

Birthstone Types and Meanings

  • January is Garnet: Safety, Protection for Health and Travels
  • February is Amethyst: Courage and Strengthening of Relationships and Love
  • March is Aquamarine: Protects Your Health
  • April is Diamond: Promotes Courage, Confidence and Attracts Love
  • May is Emerald: Fertility, Healthy Relationships and Love
  • June is Pearl: Elegance, Clarity and Love
  • July is Ruby: Protects Against Evil
  • August is Peridot: Strength and Protection
  • September is Sapphire: Purity and Wisdom
  • October is Opal: Faithfulness, Wisdom and Known to Protect Vision
  • November is Topaz: Brings About Strength and Wisdom
  • December is Turquoise: Brings About Love, Success and Financial Security

How to Utilize Your Birthstone

Simply wearing your own birthstone as well as the stones of others will promote the intended uses of the sacred stones but there many ways birthstones and gemstones can be used in spell work, talismans, prayers and more.

This could range from meditating on a certain birthstone or using it as an element in sachet depending upon what you are looking to achieve. If you’d like assistance or would simply like to learn more about the use of gemstones and birthstones to promote positivity in your life then we’d like to invite you to speak with one of our spiritual experts on webcam.

They will be more then happy to teach you all about birthstone uses or even show you exactly how to utilize them for your purpose so you’ll know your time will be well spent in terms of achieving the results you’re looking for.

Now you won’t need to worry about memorizing all those stone colors and the meanings behind them with this birthstones and their meanings guide.

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